Natalie Knight’s First Time in These Old Clunkers

Natalie Knight’s First Time in These Old Clunkers

June 20th, 2021

Look, despite what some sites try to tell you, not every girl has had any car trouble experience. Now, that doesn’t mean they can’t be taught what to do because, in the end, ya gotta learn somewhere and sometime, right?

Take Natalie here — she has never had any car trouble or old car experience. After battling the old ’86 Monte Carlo for a few minutes, she looks just as pro as anyone else. She gets a crash course in ‘pedal pumping 101’ in these sexy tan leather thigh-high cowgirl boots.

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  1. Natalie Knight Mixed In The Monte-Carlo( First Time In A Clunker – Knows How To Work The Gas Pedal Just Right) Caramel Colored OTK Leather Boots

    The Monte-Carlo has been sitting on the driveway for a while it hasn’t been started or driven Natalie Knight is going to see if she can get the Monte-Carlo to start up. Natalie is wearing a faded blue denim jacket, lite blue pullover shirt, faded blue denim mini dress, Caramel colored OTK leather boots, this is Natalie’s first time in a car with a carburetor, she’s never had car trouble before, now she’s going to see what’s it’s like starting up a real temperamental clunker like the Monte-Carlo.

    Shish is shooting a mixture of whole body video as she walks out to the Monte-Carlo from the house, and upper and some really great footwell video of Natalie’s sexy size 8.5 right foot as she works the gas pedal really good, she pumps it just right not fast not slow somewhere in between.

    The engine doesn’t even try to catch for over a minute almost two minutes after one false start where the engine almost starts. Natalie gets the engine started, she shifts into drive she gets down the driveway a little bit. Shish has Natalie put her left foot on the brake pedal she has her try to do a brake stand, the engine dies on her, she has to do some cranking and pumping she gets the engine started backup, with all that pumping of the gas pedal her right foot must be a swamp by now with all the pumping of the gas pedal she’s done.

    Now that she the engine running Shish has her make a right turn from the driveway she has her go down the street a little bit to make a right turn on the driveway down near the stop sign, the engine dies on her again, it takes her about two or three tries to get the engine started backup, she gives the engine a few quick revs. Shish tells her where to turn and get the Monte-Carlo’s bumper up close to one of the other cars and give the engine a few quick revs before shutting the engine off.

    The problem is she shuts off the engine before she can give the engine a few quick revs, she has to crank and pump the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal a couple of times to get the engine started back and give it a few quick revs as a fire engine with it’s red lights and siren goes past them, it looks like for this being her first shoot she had a really good time in the Monte-Carlo. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Natalie is still revving the engine as Shish tells her how well she did on her first shoot. The End.

    Natalie for this being your first shoot in one of the cars in the PTP fleet you didn’t let the Monte-Carlo get to you at all she stayed calm cool and collective and had a good time. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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