Nikki Surprises You With a Cranking Show

Nikki Surprises You With a Cranking Show

February 17th, 2008

Nikki has a surprise for you.  She leads you out through the garage in the dark, finds the light in the car, and turns it on so you can see her sexy outfit and pumps.  In her excitement, she forgot the keys.  When she returns with the keys, she tries to get the car started and suspects you might have done something to it.  Fortunately, she’s willing to play along.

One thought on “Nikki Surprises You With a Cranking Show”

  1. hi nikki your lovelly my birthday is 20th feb love to watch you reving iwould like to see you in hose and stockings mini skirts high heels driving vw beetle/campervan all you and your freinds will get simiular messages volvos ok as well no porshe 911 please can you let me know of your updates gmail me rayx 8/10

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