Pepper Getting Situated in the Car & Floods it on Accident

Pepper Getting Situated in the Car & Floods it on Accident

February 5th, 2013

This is a requested video of Pepper getting in the car and getting her small passenger in the back seat situated.  She’s having to reach over the seats to help them and as she’s stretching back, she doesn’t realize she’s pushing on the gas pedal…more like pumping the gas pedal some.  She finally gets her passenger taken care of and goes to start the car but it won’t start.  She tries again but it just keeps spinning over.  Not realizing she’s flooded it, she starts pumping the gas and trying to start the car like she’s supposed to.  She ends up wearing the battery down and gives up to find another way out.

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  1. Pepper Cranking The Monte-Carlo / Brown Leather Stiletto Boots

    Pepper is going too do some shopping she’s going to drive the Monte-Carlo, its been raining pretty good when it rains the Monte-Carlo can be hard to start. Pepper gets in she reaches to the back-seat she’s taking a small passenger with her she makes sure that the passenger is buckled in, the problem wile she’s doing this. Pepper is pumping the gas pedal with her right foot.

    She doesn’t pump it that much maybe about four or five times at the most, that should not flood the carburetor I hope.

    Pepper is wearing a brown shirt w/ white stripes with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, denim jeans, brown leather stiletto boots. Now that Pepper has her passenger buckled up she tries to get the Monte-Carlo started, it wont turn over. She cranks and pumps it the engine will not even so much as sputter or cough. The engine will not even tease her.

    Scarlet is using two cameras ones in the back seat getting whole body video from the back of her head down to her feet, you see her pumping the gas pedal. The other one is on a tripod on the floor that one is getting video fro her head down to a little below her right knee, you’ll see her right leg move moves she’s pumping the gas pedal.

    After close to five minutes Pepper stops cranking she takes the keys out of the ignition, she gets out of the car she’s upset that she can’t get it started, she doesn’t know what to do next, after about a minute Pepper gets back in with the drivers door open she rolls down the window. Scarlet gets a whole body shot as Pepper tries to get the engine to start.

    With all that cranking the battery is beginning to get weak with each turn of the ignition key, the battery is almost dead now. Pepper gives up she stops cranking.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen she takes the keys out of the ignition she gets out and goes back into the house. The End.

    Pepper you did a great cranking video in the Monte-Carlo, for those of you who like brown leather boots, your going to like these boots. Scarlet your camera work great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Pepper, I hope you still have your new balances and will do a cranking video in them with some closer up shots of them like in your reving video

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