The Pierce’s Crank, Rev & Move the Volvo #1381 – Leftovers
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The Pierce’s Crank, Rev & Move the Volvo #1381 – Leftovers

May 11th, 2023


A bunch of scenes that didn’t make it into the final edit of custom 1381. Persephone does a good bit of cranking on the old Volvo between these different takes. Sometimes we have to cut and redo a part because of forgetting lines, the car not cooperating the way we want it to or other things.

It’s also a time to get Persephone familiar with the nuances of the cars. At one point, she revs it for a bit to get the engine warmed to try and make it easier to stall out and become flooded. During this time, the sun moves and I have Vivian get behind-the-wheel and get the car moved, so some pedal action of Momma Pierce of her patent stiletto pumps and butter-like pantyhose

Filmed entirely from the backseat of the car.