Princess Cranking the Volvo – #329

Princess Cranking the Volvo – #329

April 27th, 2013

Princess comes into the kitchen, grabs her keys and slips on her nurse clogs before heading out the door.  She slips in behind the wheel of the Volvo to drive to work but first has to get it cranked.  She pulls the choke out, presses the clutch and spins the engine over, pumping the gas lightly at first.  She gets agitated pretty quickly and her frustration comes out in the form of yelling out Italian and beating on the steering wheel and dashboard!  This goes on for the remaining 10 minutes and when she finally gets fed up with the car, she gets out and slams her little purse on the hood of the car.

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  1. Those sexy white “nurse” clogs worn by Princess in this vid reminds me so vividly of my early teenage youth. A girl who I had my first real crush on, and who was my seat partner in 8th grade science class that year wore a pair of clogs practically everyday to school. She had practically every color shade available – red, dark blue, light blue, brown, green and what became my favorite white, and exactly like what Princess wore in this vid, (complete with the tiny hole design on top of the clogs).

    Back in the early 70’s ,clogs were very much in style with teenage girls. Understand that this young lady, (and her name was Beth) usually complimented her clogs by wearing the, then, very much in-fashion hot pants, (the color matching perfectly her clog choice for the day). She also wore a blouse or tee shirt and pantyhose encasing her legs. Beth had long light brown hair which flowed practically down to her waist. It was almost impossible to concentrate that entire year, trying to pay attention to what our teacher was lecturing in these classes, especially as Beth loved to tease and flirt with me by “performing” all sorts of shoe-play a scant 2 or 3 feet away from me at our table. Early in the year the teacher actually paired us up together as she had a form of what would now be diagnosed as attention-deficit syndrome. He thought that as I was a fairly good student academically that I could help Beth out, especially in the science labs. A great decision, (for me) on the teacher’s part however I just could not execute being a partial mentor for Beth. My mind was on other things besides all that science stuff.

    Beth had me wrapped around her finger as she knew I was almost powerless to take my eyes off of her legs and feet. Usually if she crossed her legs, she would swing one of them to and fro scant inches away from me and sometimes in the course of dangling one clog accidentally, (on purpose) dropped it to the floor. In each class there was also at least one instance where she just slipped her nylon feet out of her clogs to air them out, (and show her often painted toe nails). Late in the school year with her leading the way I experienced my first ever french kiss with this girl. To this day, I could tell you exactly what Beth was wearing, where we had our kiss, (out on a hill on the school grounds during a special recess period) the time, (last period of the day and around 2:00), the weather, (a sunny almost cloudless day probably in the mid-70’s) and every other thing connected to that incredible experience.

    This was such a great vid, Princess. For me, it was the perfect choice in footwear as clogs, (ever since that year long school experience in 8th grade) have been a life-long favorite type of shoe that I love to see women wear. I loved Princess’ anger spoken in Italian. I have no idea exactly what was being said, but it was crystal clear that the stubborn Volvo refusing to start up for Princess enraged her; along with her pounding the steering wheel and dashboard with her hands. Princess never moved the car an inch and missed the destination of wherever she was headed out towards. It was a very realistic scenario enacted by the very gorgeous looking Princess with, in a final display of anger this lady giving the car’s hood a piece of her mind!

  2. Princess Cranking The Volvo / White Nurses Clogs / Custom # 329 / 1080i WMV HD

    Princess is about to go out she’s wearing a pink long sleeve blouse, denim dress, white nurses clogs. Princess walks into the kitchen she’s barefoot with red toenail polish she opens the drawer she picks up the keys to the Volvo she slips on her white nurses clogs. Shish is getting a whole body shot from the kitchen as she walks out on the wooden deck she closes and locks the door.

    Now Princess walks down the wooden deck she gets in the Volvo, she pulls the choke out the engine wont start. As Princess is cranking and pumping she gets frustrated she begins to cuss the Volvo out in Italian, the engine sputters about three times as she cranks and pumps the gas pedal with each turn of the ignition key Princess is getting angrier as she cusses the Volvo her voice is getting louder she pounds the steering wheel and the dashboard.

    Shish is getting upper body and footwell video from the right front passenger seat as Princess is cranking and pumping the Volvo’s gas pedal, about halfway through the video he walks over to the drivers side opens the drives door getting both whole body and footwell video. Princess feet in those white nurses clogs they look sexy in them as she pumps the Volvo’s gas pedal.

    After close to ten minutes of cranking and pumping Princess pulls the choke in and out about three or four times the engine sputters about three times just long enough for Princess to get one rev out of the engine that’s about it, it looks like Princess is going to give up going for a drive in the Volvo, maybe she can call a friend to come pick her up.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Princess stops cranking she gets out of the Volvo she cusses out the Volvo some more in Italian she pounds on the roof and the fender and the hood if she could she would probably shoot it, she walks back into the house. The End.

    Princess you did a great custom cranking video in those nurses clogs, who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it I sure did. Although I don’t understand Italian the way you cussed out the Volvo it sounded really good . Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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