Princess Driving the SS – #331

Princess Driving the SS – #331

May 11th, 2013

This custom is of Princess taking the 2001 SS 6-speed out for a drive!  She puts her gold strappy sandals on the pedals and let’s the footwork fly!  She’s driving down the backroads, not slowing down much for the curves and gets on it a bit when there’s a straightaway section.  She revs the car up some when she’s coasting as she loves to hear that engine rumble!  No dialogue, just Princess, the car and the road!

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  1. Princess Driving The Camaro SS / Gold Strappy Sandals / Custom#331 1080i WMV HD

    Princess is doing custom driving video in the Camaro she’s wearing a short sleeve black dress, gold strappy sandals, red toenail polish, she gets in he Camaro its parked in the driveway at the house. Shish is in the passenger seat getting upper body and footwell video as well as video of the instrument cluster.

    Now that Princess is inside the Camaro she buckles her seatbelt, she puts the gearshift in first gear she makes a right turn she shifts gears, from what I can tell I don’t think she shifted into fourth gear, as she’s driving on the winding back roads she gets the Camaro going pretty good she gets up 70 mph a couple of times. Traffic is light to moderate.

    Princess turns the Camaro around she heads back too the house, on the way back as she gets the Camaro up too speed she puts the gearshift into neutral a couple of times and revs the engine good and loud. Shish gets great video of Princess feet as she presses down on the gas pedal making the engine roar, on the way back to the house Shish is getting mostly footwell shots with some upper body video as well as the instrument cluster.

    The video is almost over as Princess turns into the driveway back at the house, she parks the Camaro she raises the emergency brake lever.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Princess has just parked the Camaro and raised the emergency brake lever. The End.

    Princess you did a great custom driving video in the Camaro your feet in those gold strappy sandals they look sexy in them. Who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it I sure did.

    Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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