Princess Driving the Bus in Platform Peep Toe Sandals

Princess Driving the Bus in Platform Peep Toe Sandals

December 21st, 2012

Princess is taking the Bus out for a spin in some really tall platform sandals.  She puts the pedal to the floor throughout the video and drives this bus hard!
Sorry for the shaky camera.  Was trying a new spot and it didn’t turn out as firm as I thought it would be.

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  1. Princess Driving The VW Bus / White Open Toed Platform Sandals / 720 P MP4 HD / PIP

    Princess is going for a drive in the VW bus, shes wearing a two tone red and white sleeveless top, tan shorts, white open toed platform sandals, The bus hadn’t been started in a wile.

    Princess has to do some cranking and pumping the engine sputters one time, it takes Princess close to 45 seconds to get the engine to start after revving it for close to 30 seconds to warm it up. Princess puts the gearshift in reverse to back the bus out of its parking spot.

    After backing the bus out of its parking spot. Princess has a little bit of trouble shifting into first gear, she hasn’t driven the bus in a wile she has a bit of a learning curve. Now that Princess has the gearshift in first gear she goes down the driveway slowly, she stops at the end of the driveway she looks both ways before she makes a left turn, wile the gear shift is still in first princess pushes the gas pedal all the way to the floor she gets the rpms up there really good.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she got the rpms up around 4000 rpms at least, she does this quite a few times in this video, one time after shifting into seconds gear she kept the rpms up for close to 30 seconds. Princess pulls into a parking lot of some short, it looked like a food-mart or service station, the camera fades when it comes back on. Princess starts the engine up she leaves the parking lot heads back to the house.

    Shish is using two cameras ones mounted judging by the way the camera is pointed at Princess its either mounted on the passenger door getting upper body shot, with a suction cup or its mounted in the passenger seat in some way, either way Shish was trying a different way of mounting the camera it didn’t quite work out.

    Because the camera vibrates in the beginning it wasn’t so bad later in the video, the other camera is a minicam that’s mounted at the bottom inside of the drivers door that one is getting footwell video of Princess feet working the pedals, that one is PIP up in the upper right corner of the screen, far as I can tell Shish isn’t in the bus.

    As Princess is driving back she shifts into second gear she has her foot all the way to the floor getting the rpms up good and loud, she then shifts into third gear, at one time after getting the bus up to speed she puts the gear shift in neutral, she revs the engine up good and loud three or four times for about at least 30 seconds before she shifts in fourth gear, she stops at stop signs a couple of times, she has a little bit of trouble shifting into first, at least two times she can’t get it out of neutral she has to try a couple of times to get it into first gear.

    After making a left turn she shifts through the gears getting the rpms up there good and loud, she goes down the street a ways before she turns left into the driveway at the house. Princess does it again she doesn’t shift into first gear, when she does get into fist gear she doesn’t give the engine enough gas when she lets off the clutch, the engine dies.

    Princess looks into the camera, she thinks thats funny, she restarts the engine, she puts the gearshift in first she gives the engine gas she lets off the clutch, she has to press the gas pedal all the way to the floor because she on a little bit of an incline, shes slowly going down the driveway to park the bus in its parking spot.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops on the screen. Princess is going down the driveway. The End.

    Princess you did a great driving video, your feet in those platform sandals they look really sexy in them. Shish too bad placing the camera in a different spot didn’t work out the way you hoped it would, the video looked great, good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. This is seriously one of my favorite videos. It has 4 things I love. A vw bus, a hot girl with nice feet, the hottest heels for drive videos and great pedal work and a few stalls, not finding gears…great camera angle but the top of the shoe should show more. You must make more of this Shish… omg… A+++

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