Princess Cranks the Volvo in Boots & Drives in Pantyhose

Princess Cranks the Volvo in Boots & Drives in Pantyhose

December 26th, 2016

She’s taking the Volvo back to Cassandra’s…if she can get it start. It’s gas pedal is really squeaky today, so you can hear her pumping the gas the whole time as she tries getting it started. Just when she thinks she’s home-free and backing up out of the parking spot, it does on her. Doh! She gets it going again and kicks off the boots to make the drive in her nylon-clad feet where you can see her toenail polish peeking through.

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  1. Princess Crank & Drive The Volvo Over To Cassandra’s Squeaky Gas Pedal / Pantyhose & Black Leather OTK Leather Boots / 720 P MP4 HD

    Princess is driving the Volvo back over to Cassandra’s after shooting some videos that’s all she has to do is get the temperamental best to start. Princess is wearing a pink long sleeve blouse,denim mini skirt, pantyhose w/ pink toenail polish, black leather OTK leather boots.

    As Princess gets in the Volvo the drivers door window is all ready rolled down all the way, so it’s a little bit warm outside, she fiddles with the choke a little bit by puling it out and adjusting it a little bit.

    Princess has to do some cranking and pumping of the Volvo’s gas pedal it takes her close to a minute to get the engine started, as Princess is pumping the gas pedal wile she’s cranking the gas pedal is squeaky when she pumps it. Princess warms the engine up a little bit before she releases the emergency brake lever, she shifts into reverse she backs up when she shifts out of reverse either she didn’t push the choke in or she shifted into third gear by mistake the engine dies on her she has to pull out the choke and crank and pump the Volvo’s gas pedal to get it started back up.

    Shish is getting a mixture of whole body video as she gets in the Volvo and upper and footwell video as Princess cranks and pumps the Volvo’s gas pedal, she has to pull the choke out and fiddle with it pulling it out to the right place where the engine will start, after close to two minutes she gets the engine started she shifts into first gear makes a right turn from the driveway stops at the stop sign, she takes her boots off, with her right foot on the brake pedal she takes off her left boot off first then with her left foot on the brake pedal she takes her right boot off.

    After traffic passes by now on the way to Cassandra’s. The Volvo behaves itself on the way over to Cassandra’s, the engine doesn’t stall on her at all as she shifts through all the gears she even bumps the gearshift up into neutral at least one time so she can rev the engine a little bit, then she makes left and right turns the fastest she’s going can’t be no more then 35 mph before she makes a left turn down the dirt road down to Cassandra’s driveway. Princess backs the Volvo in it’s parking spot between the shed and the Coronet.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Princess parks the Volvo between the shed and the Coronet. The End. Princess you did a great crank and drive video in the Volvo your feet look sexy both in pantyhose and black leather OTK boots. Shish your camera work as always great. Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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