Princess Revs the 77 Camaro – #332

Princess Revs the 77 Camaro – #332

June 10th, 2013

Princess wants to rev up her old Camaro for you so you can hear it’s loud engine and exhaust.  She wants to know what style of revving you like the best, so, she asks you what you like and then demonstrates different styles.  She makes the tachometer dance around and really getting into it for you!  The clip ends with her revving the Camaro out of gas and then kills the battery trying to crank up the hot motor (before she realized it was on ‘E’).

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  1. This has to rate as one of the best revving shows yet, I kind of wish you had shown views of the tailpipes as she rev’d even if nothing was coming out of them. It’s not hard to tell that Princess is no stranger to the revving scene and she acts like it’s one of her favorite things to do when she’s behind the wheel. I’m sure we all look forward to more of the same. Great work by all !!

  2. Princess Revving The Camaro Z28 / Candy-Striped Stiletto Pumps / Custom # 332

    Princess is doing a custom revving video in the Z28 she’s wearing a dark brown t-shirt, denim mini dress, what I can best describe as candy-striped stiletto pumps. As the video begins Princess closes the drivers door she asks you a question do you like soft revving? Or do you like hard revving?

    First she does lite revving for about thirty seconds then she asks the question about do you like hard revving she does some hard revving, she doesn’t rev it that hard.

    Shish is getting a mixture of upper body and some really great footwell shots of Princess feet in what looks like candy-striped stiletto pumps. I’ve never seen a pair of womens shoes with this type of color combination before. Princess asks you another question. Now witch one do like better hard? All right this one is for you.

    Princess revs the engine really good Shish also gets video of the tachometer as she revs the engine, with each rev it goes up and down the highest she gets the rpms maybe around 5,000 rpms, she doesn’t keep the rpms up for long periods she just revs the engine.

    Princess feet in those candy-striped stiletto pumps they look really sexy in them, after a few minutes of revving the she puts a little bit of lip gloss on her lips, she wants to look good, what Princess doesn’t know at the time. Shish gets video of this the fuel gauge is on empty, she’s able to rev the engine for close to nine minutes.

    The engine dies on her she tries to restart the engine for close to a minute, she looks at the fuel gauge much to her surprise the Camaro ran out of gas. I wonder who forgot to put gas in the tank hmmmmm. LoL 😛 😛

    For close to a minute Princess cranks and pumps the Z28’s gas pedal, the engine sputters a few times it trying to start. Even with the Camaro being out of gas Princess tries a couple times hoping she could get the engine to turn over so she could get a little more revving in, the battery is almost dead now.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen with the Z28 out of gas. Princess takes the keys out of the ignition she opens the drivers door she gets out. The End.

    Princess you did a great custom revving video, who ever order this custom I hope you liked it I sure did, too bad the Camaro ran out of gas prematurely, it still was a great revving video.

    Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. All I gotta say is that was some impeccable timing on running out of gas as it was near the end of the clip. I would’ve hated for it to run out 3 minutes into a 10min custom clip. Doh! lol

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