You’re sitting in the Jeep when she opens the door and climbs in. She checks herself in the rear-view mirror as she starts pumping the gas pedal in her open-toe patent stiletto sandals. She does this for about the first minute before acknowledging your mouth-open astonishment.
“What? You didn’t think I knew about your secret?” she says and then tries to start the car. Of course it isn’t going to start because she flooded it. She teases you by trying to get the car started over and over while pumping on the gas pedal. She then asks for you to come over to the drivers side and opens the door. You get out and stop at the front of the vehicle and tap on the hood of the car for her to open it. She tells you to come to her but you insist she open the hood. When she does, you stuff a rag in the carb to make sure it never starts!