Raquel Derek Morning Cold Start & Coffee in Brown OTK Boots POV, 1 of 2

Raquel Derek Morning Cold Start & Coffee in Brown OTK Boots POV, 1 of 2

March 24th, 2022

Another dreary morning and another rough cold start in her old Monte Carlo. Why doesn’t she get to drive the nice suv to work? Ugh! At least she has some time to drink her coffee and get a right leg workout in before hitting the road.

Filmed from her point-of-view of her long legs wrapped in jeans and brown over-the-knee boots with a stiletto heel trying to get her car started.

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  1. Raquel Derek Mixed In The Monte-Carlo ( Cup Of Coffee In Hand – Hand Held Camcorder Shooting This Herself From Her P.O.V) Tan OTK Leather Stiletto Boots / 720 MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 2

    It’s a nice day early in the morning somewhat cold as Raquel walks out to the Monte-Carlo she’s filming herself with a handheld camcorder in the Monte-Carlo from her point of view carrying a cup of coffee in her right hand and her purse, she gets in the Monte-Carlo.

    Raquel fiddles around inside her purse trying to find the car keys, she finds them puts them in the ignition, she gives the gas pedal a few pumps the engine starts on the first try. Raquel tries to rev the engine by pressing down the gas pedal, the engine doesn’t respond at all she tries a few more times before the engine dies on her.

    The battery is somewhat weak as Raquel primes the carburetor by giving the gas pedal a few pumps even though the battery is somewhat weak it’s still holding up really good for now. Raquel is wearing a beige colored leather coat, white turtleneck sweater, denim jeans, tan OTK leather stiletto boots.

    Raquel doesn’t pump the gas pedal too much she doesn’t appear to have flooded the carburetor after about the forth or fifth try she gets the engine started giving it a lite revving to warm it up, she’s shooting mostly footwell video and you’ll see a little bit of her reflection in the drivers door window and the steering wheel as she cranks and pumps the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal, her sexy right foot must have getting a little bit hot from all that pumping she did.

    Now that the engine is warmed up Raquel shifts into drive makes a right turn from the driveway and a right turn from the stop sign, this two part series was shot up at the old HQ about eight years back, as clip one is coming to an end Raquel is driving to her destination

    What will clip two bring us? Will the Monte-Carlo stall at either a stop sign or a traffic light? It’s done that before. Will she drive over to Cassandra’s to shoot videos? Possible we will have to wait for clip two to see what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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