“Hey, come check out my car.” she says while walking to the Monte Carlo. “Yesterday, I flooded it so bad that I couldn’t get it to start for anything.” she tells you while trying to start the car. It does start but you can tell it sounds rough from being flooded out really bad. Just imagine the cranking and pumping show you missed, damn! She revs it up good to clear it out and knows that guys love girls who drive cool cars!
The next car she wants to show you is her old Jeep, which youΒ must wear cowgirl boots for because that’s how it is. She slips her brown leather boots on, “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!” and gives the gas a few quick pumps before turning the key. “You gotta give this one a LOT of gas!” she says, pumping the pedal quick and with her full leg. The Jeep teases her for a bit before the battery gives out. We change the battery and she goes at it again but it’s being stubborn. She gets it started eventually and is able to romp on the gas but the thing keeps stalling out on her. “I’m really considering selling this Jeep…” she says in slight disgust at it being so damn temperamental.