Riley Cranking the Monte Carlo – #312

Riley Cranking the Monte Carlo – #312

October 3rd, 2014

You’ve managed to get Riley to go out on a date with you.  You guys are chatting on the deck, enjoying the cool air and you’re trying your best not to screw things up!  You keep her laughing but can’t stop checking out her feet in those sexy platform pumps she’s wearing.  She asks you to walk her to her car, since she usually has trouble with it, you happily oblige.  Right on cue, her car gives her fits and you enjoy the show while still not trying to screw things up!

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  1. Riley Cranking The Monte-Carlo Trying To Go Home After A Date/ Tan Platform Stiletto Pumps /1080 I MP4 HD / Custom # 312

    You finally get Riley to go out on a date with you she’s dressed super sexy in a white pull over top, black bra, pink skirt, tan platform stiletto pumps, your chatting away on the wooden deck every now and then you’ll stare at her feet in those tan platform stiletto pumps. Riley is trying hard not to screw this up she really likes you. It’s getting late she asks you to walk with her too her car a rust bucket a blue 1986 Chevy Monte-Carlo if gives her fits she has a hard time getting it to start tonight is no different.

    You her date walk with Riley down to the Monte-Carlo Riley gets in she puts the key in the ignition she turns the key at first she doesn’t pump the gas pedal for about the first minute, the engine doesn’t sputter or cough or backfire as Riley slowly pumping the gas pedal trying not to flood the carburetor. Shish is getting a mixture of whole body upper body and some really great footwell video as Riley tries to get the Monte-Carlo to start.

    Riley apologizes to you she’s embarrassed that she can’t get the Monte-Carlo to start after close to five minutes of trying to get the engine to start. Riley pops the hood latch she asks you her date to raise the hood she walks to the front of the car she looks around the engine hoping she can see whats wrong under the hood. Riley doesn’t know what she’s looking for she comments how dirty the engine is, she points to the radiator asks what is that? Riley walks gets back into the Monte-Carlo she tries getting the engine to start, after close to eight minutes trying to get the engine to start the engine begins to sputter.

    It takes Riley about three or four more tries before she gets the engine started, the engine is running now it’s barely idling it’s running that’s whats important. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Riley closes the drivers door as she’s about to go home. The End.

    Riley you did a great custom cranking video who ever ordered this video I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, your feet look sexy in those tan platform stiletto pumps. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Really this was easily one of Riley’s best vids filmed at this site as a model for PTP! Riley looked absolutely divine in her outfit and through her acting one could imagine actually being lucky enough to be her “date” at the outing. Of course later, the date was of no help to Riley at all by giving her any suggestions/help as she had massive problems getting her Monte Carlo started. Where is a good mechanical guy when you need one, right Riley? With the hood up, Riley even asked her “date” a question about a specific part of the engine, (the radiator). No answer was given by him.

    Near the end of the vid, I loved the sexy manner in which Riley with her left leg and stiletto heel placed on the pavement, teasingly she had just about her entire foot outside of the shoe performing a bit of shoeplay. I bet that Riley’s “date” noticed that! Meanwhile, still trying to get her car started, Riley was lightly pumping away on the gas pedal with her right foot and plenty of toe cleavage was highly visible.

    There was also a great ending once Riley did get the Monte started. Riley teased her date inviting him to join her as, by her obvious intention, the night would not end just yet.

    A great job Riley as you sold the storyline completely. The “date” indeed was a lucky man to be with such a gorgeous young lady as Riley is regarding her looks and sweet personality!

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