This scene opens up with someone stuffing a rag into the carb of the Monte Carlo. Uh-oh, looks like someone doesn’t want Riley to be able to leave. *fade out*
Riley is walking to her car and sees that Olive Garden is having an ‘all you can eat’ special…she knows where she’s going! She gets in the car and is unable to get her car started and she’s the last one in the parking lot..or so she thinks. Her tight pink dress, pantyhose and pointy leather flats isn’t really proper walking attire. She keeps trying but as the battery starts sounding weak and the starter making funny noises, she decides it’s time to call for help. The only problem is her sister, Miley, is on a date and not replying and her mom, Sugarmomma, isn’t answering. Ugh…what to do?! She kicks off her shoes and tries it a few more times in her stocking-clad feet but the car just dies. As in, starter is fried!