She’s been having car trouble with her Jeep and you have come over to help. She smiles at you and tells you to “Come over here.” as she walks to the car and gets in. She’s going to try and get it started while you watch. She’s a good ways along and has the cutest belly! She’s got this leopard print top on with black leggings and some black leather flat riding boots on. She still stays stylish and sexy even when pregnant! She tries getting the Jeep started but it’s not firing. She tries until the battery is dead, which didn’t take too long.
You’ve changed the battery and while under the hood you see the throttle linkage moving like someone pumping the gas pedal. You look in at her and she’s just looking down, kinda zoned out and just pumping the gas. She notices you and is like, “Oh…oops! Do you want me to try it now?” Knowing it’s flooded and it isn’t going to start, you have her try anyways. She’s trying and trying and at the end of this clip, this battery also takes a dump on her.