Riley Pedal Pumping Party in Denim Outfit & Gray Vintage Boots

Riley Pedal Pumping Party in Denim Outfit & Gray Vintage Boots

January 21st, 2022

So what started as a ‘start the Bug right quick’ turned into a 17+ minute clip of Riley struggling with the Bug for a looong time and then not-so-long with the Camaro before it’s battery died.

Poor girls left leg and foot were getting a workout. But she never asked for a break, she kept right on pumping the whole time. So hardcore! lol

Cranking and sputtering in the old little Bug that is super flooded. But when she does get it started, she let’s it idle while she goes to start the Camaro but it’s weak battery from the bad starter doesn’t last too long.

One thought on “Riley Pedal Pumping Party in Denim Outfit & Gray Vintage Boots”

  1. Riley Mixed Multiple ( Takes 15 minutes To Get The Bug Started – Kills The Battery In The Camaro – Bad Starter) Gray Mid Calf High Heel Boots

    It’s a nice day to get the Bug to startup so it can be moved that’s all Riley has to do is get the Bug started, then move over to the Camaro it’s parked behind the bug, the bug is parked in front of the garage as Riley struggles to get the bug started, she’s wearing a faded denim jacket, white pullover shirt, denim jeans w/ holes around the knees, gray leather mid calf high heel boots.

    Riley has pumped the gas pedal so much she flooded the carburetor really good she kept pumping the gas pedal trying to get the bug to start for close to fifteen minutes. Shish is shooting a mixture of whole, upper and footwell video from the passenger side and a little bit later from the drivers side, and whole body video as she walks over to the Camaro.

    Shish has her stop cranking the engine on the bug for a few minutes to give the carburetor a chance to clear out the excess gas it has in it. Riley gets the engine started she revs it good for close to five minutes, the problem is if she tries to let the engine idle it dies on her at least two times. Riley has no trouble getting the engine restarted each time, after about two or three minutes Shish asks her to let off the gas pedal to see if the engine will idle, finally the engine idles.

    Now Shish wants to see if Riley can get the Camaro started it’s parked behind the bug, the bus is still running as she walks over and gets in the Camaro. The battery is weak that and it doesn’t help matters that the starter is going bad. Riley tries to get the Camaro to start for close to three minutes before the battery dies on her. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Riley and Shish are standing and talking next to the Camaro as Shish is figuring what to do next. The End.

    Riley you did a great mixed video in both the bug and the Camaro your feet look sexy in those gray mid calf leather high heel boots. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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