Robin Masters:  The Bad Babysitter (Pilot)

Robin Masters: The Bad Babysitter (Pilot)

February 12th, 2014

This is a good example of how this pedal pumping fetish is born.  A cute girl is supposed to be watching the kid but instead goes for a spirited drive in the car.  Flooring the gas, driving too fast and all in her bare feet!  So much fun…except when she gets the car stuck for a bit…oops!  How would she explain that if she wasn’t able to get out?  Good thing she did!

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    If you’re meaning it doesn’t load after you’ve downloaded the clip, make sure you compare the file sizes of what you have on disk to what it’s listed at on the site (503mb). Try VLC media player from if it’s player issues.

  2. Robin Masters : Bad Baby Sitter Driving & Getting Stuck In A Olds Cutlass Ciera S / Barefoot

    We’ve haven’t heard from this contributor to PTP in about five years who goes by the handle Robin Masters he shot this video of a bad babysitter whose suppose to babysit the neighbors kids, instead she finds the keys to there Olds Cutlass Ciera to make mattes worse she’s not licensee to drive, wile the kids are down the street playing with there friends, she calls her friend she’s going to take the Olds on a joyride and pick her up there going to have a good time.

    The baby sitter is wearing a pink shoulder strap top, black workout pants/w white stripes, barefoot /w black toenail polish, the babysitters name is Tarah. Tarah gets in the Olds she primes the carburetor a few times the engine fires right up. Robin Masters must be shooting this video with a smart-phone, when Tarah primes the Carburetor it looks like the smart-phone is on the gas pedal as she pumps the gas pedal with her right barefoot. Now that Tarah has the engine running she backs out the driveway she drives around the neighborhood doing some joyriding around the town.

    Robin Masters gets a mixture of whole body, upper body and some really great footwell video as Tarah works the pedals sometimes with both feet, she stops at a couple of traffic lights, so far no police units see her drive, Tarah drives a little bit erratic from time to time, she calls her friend on her smart-phone telling her shes having a good time shes going to do some donuts then come pick her up they will go do some joyriding. Tarah gets the Olds in a area with grass and a lot of leaves on the ground, she tries to do some donuts she winds up getting stuck.

    Tarah tries rocking the Olds back and forth that doesn’t do much good, she doesn’t know what to do next she keeps trying to get the olds unstuck. Robin Masters gets video of the right front tire as Tarah tries rocking the Cutlass back and forth.

    As the screen fades Tarah is still trying to get the Olds unstuck. Did Tarah ever get the Cutlass unstuck? Will we ever find out?

    Tarah you did a great driving and stuck video in th Oldsmobile your feet look sexy working the pedals. Robin Masters you did a great job shooting this video. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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