She’s waiting, looking all sexy, while I finish connecting the battery to the car. Once it’s all set, I tell her to get in and give it a whirl to see if it’ll start. I’m filming the engine and throttle linkage under the hood at first. She pumps it and spins it over a couple times but it doesn’t start. I walk around to the passenger side and film her continuing to try and get it started. After a few more tries, the car does fire up and with a squeaky belt screaming in the background, the gives it a few revs. Now we’re ready to go!
I close the hood, get in the car and she starts backing it up and it stalls. She just gives me that slow look of, “Son…of..a..bitch.”
She pumps it some, spins it over…pumps it some, spins it over…after a handful of cycles, she gets it fired up again. She makes it to the road and *whew* I think we’re good now. She’s not driving it hard yet as the engine is still too new. We drive down the road a bit before turning around to head back. She pulls up onto a side street, turns the car around and just as she changes gears and gets on the gas, the car sputters and stalls. The video ends with a shot of her legs and boots pumping the gas to the engine sputtering and chugging….did it start? Did it die again?