Rockell Starbux Floods the Camaro for a Little Teasing Fun

Rockell Starbux Floods the Camaro for a Little Teasing Fun

October 9th, 2019

She wants to see if she can flood the old Z28 to make it hard to start. She pumps the gas with her black leather knee-high boots. She pumps it a few times and turns its over, it doesn’t start. She tries it again and it doesn’t start that time either. She keeps at it and after flooding it good, she gets it to fire back up where she revs it up to clear it out.
White button down shirt, black shiny vest, red faux leather pants and black leather knee-high boots.

One thought on “Rockell Starbux Floods the Camaro for a Little Teasing Fun”

  1. Rockell Starbux Mixed In The Camaro Z28 ( Doing A Little Crank And Tease Fun For-Trying To See If She Can Flood The Carburetor) Black Leather OTK Stiletto Boots / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s a nice day as Rockell is walking down the driveway from the house she’s going to do a crank and tease for you, she’s going to try and flood the carburetor, it doesn’t take much to not to get the Camaro started. The Camaro is quite temperamental it’s hard to start especially when trying to cold start the first time in the morning.

    Rockell is wearing a black leather vest, white long sleeve blouse w/ cuffs rolled up midway,red leather pants,black leather OTK Stiletto boots. Rockell opens the drivers door she puts her right foot on the drivers seat for a few seconds before she gets in. Shish is shooting a mixture of whole body video as Rockell walks down the driveway, and whole body video, upper and footwell video after she gets in the Camaro. Rockell turns to you and says” Lets see if I can flood this thing” As her left foot rests on the ground she gives the gas pedal about four or five pumps before she turns the ignition key.

    The engine comes close to turning over about four or five of times before the engine finally turns over. Rockell revs the engine for the rest of the video, giving the Camaro’s 350 V8 engine a mild revving, shes not getting the engine rpms up there that high just enough to where you can hear the engine roar when she presses down on the gas pedal with her sexy size 10 right foot in her black leather OTK stiletto boots. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Rockell shuts the engine off she turns giving you that flirtatious look. The End.

    Rockell you did a great mixed video in the Camaro your size 10 feet look sexy in those black leather stiletto boots. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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