Rockett Girl Cranking Volvo Carpooling Mom

Rockett Girl Cranking Volvo Carpooling Mom

July 10th, 2011

Ever wanted to relive those days of having the hot mom carpooling the kids to school in her old clunker?  In this video, just imagine you’re the first kid on the block that gets to watch her, all by yourself, try to get the old Volvo of hers started.  She keeps you calm by reassuring you it’ll be okay but you still get nervous and anxious.  She has to keep getting on to you so she can focus on getting the car cranked and to not flood it too badly.  You keep distracting her so the show will go on longer…and longer…till you get trouble.

3 thoughts on “Rockett Girl Cranking Volvo Carpooling Mom”

  1. This clip really hits the spot for me BIG TIME!!! Now you’re talking…

    OMG… I absolutely ADORE IT!!!

    Rockettgirl’s role play was PERFECT… although I didn’t order this video myself as a Custom Request (When Rockettgirl returns to shoot Custom Requests I certainly would like to order another one similar to this one featuring her in the Volvo!!! ), the Neighbor “Momsy” giving you a lift to school scenario really appeals to me as a dream fantasy and Rockettgirl is certainly a very sexy lady … She fits the role PERFECTLY for me!

    When I was watching Rockettgirl cranking the Volvo my throat went completely dry… and I thought I was going to pass out with the suspense of what she was going to do next! All her cranking, choke pulling and determined pedal-pumping was sOoOoOo good to watch… and I LOVE that fact that she wasn’t going to give into the stubborn old Volvo easily either

    ShisH’s camera work was LEGENDARY… I really enjoy the variety of camera angles in this clip – the shots take over Rockettgirl’s left shoulder are SUPERB I ADORE those ones which show a closer view of her hands clutching the steering wheel and pulling on the choke. I thought it was a VERY clever idea of ShisH’s to try to get close to Rockettgirl as she was trying to start the car – just like a naughty impatient kid might do and the fact that she has to keep telling us (the kid) off for trying to distract her! That really added a new dimension to the clip and the closing scene is also SUPERB where Rockettgirl tries to coax us (the kid) out of the car… If that had been me I would have been VERY reluctant to have got out – I would have BEGGED her to try and TRY again to get the car started … I would have boosted her determination to win the battle all the more!!!

    This clip is a MASTERPIECE!!!

    Thank you ShisH & Rockettgirl for sharing this CLASSIC dream scenario with us!

    I’m absolutely DELIGHTED with this… Please could we see lots more footage of Rockettgirl – I really LOVE her!!!

    RoadRunner xXx

  2. I do have a few more videos of RockettGirl but sadly, she moved up north and I’ll no longer be able to work with her unless she passes through. Glad you liked the video! 🙂

  3. This girl is really sexy. This scenario really does something for me, as does Rockettgirl. I would love to have seen her in some lace-up sneakers as some of these moms wear with their dresses.

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