Roxy Cranking the Volvo in Old Sneakers

Roxy Cranking the Volvo in Old Sneakers

June 14th, 2009

Releasing this first video of Roxy before getting her profile fully setup.  Wanted to show you guys this lovely bombshell as soon as we could.  Here she is in a pair of tight jeans with some old, unlaced sneakers on trying to get the Volvo started.  This girl tries her best to get the Volvo to submit to her pumping but it proves to be quite difficult. 

One thought on “Roxy Cranking the Volvo in Old Sneakers”

  1. OMG, I’ve wanted this video for so long, and she doesn’t disappoint. I really want to see Roxy in these sneakers again, maybe in the BMW or this wonderful Volvo again. Clearly this video is in my top 5. I love to see girls in lace up sneakers struggling to get their cars started. This video meets all requirements! Thank you so much. Roxy is SO fine.

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