Roxy ‘Prank Cranking’ & Driving the Bus Barefoot, 2 of 3

Roxy ‘Prank Cranking’ & Driving the Bus Barefoot, 2 of 3

August 13th, 2016

Cruising along in the VW Bus with Roxy, things are moving along nicely. She’s getting a feel for it as she’s not used to driving these old vehicles. We ride to the end of the road to turn around. While turning around, she gets distracted by the pretty horse who is looking at her like, “The hell you doing in that piece of shit?!” lol She stalls the Bus out and we’re back to her pumping away on that gas pedal trying to get it started again…yes, the horse is still staring.

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  1. Roxy Crank & Drive The VW Bus She Thinks It Might Be A Prank / Barefoot / 1080 I MP4 HD / Clip 2 Of 3 / PIP

    As we continue from clip one Roxy is driving the bus around some of the streets of the neighborhood getting the feel for the bus, the drive is going without a hitch until Roxy turns in front of a gate so she can backup and turn the bus around. With PIP still in the upper left cornet of the screen getting upper body video from the top of her head down to her thighs, the rest of the screen is all footwell video of Roxy’s sexy size 5.5 feet working the pedals.

    As Roxy shifts into reverse gear she gets distracted there’s a horse standing near the gate she lets off the clutch she doesn’t give the engine enough gas the engine dies on her. Shish pulls the emergency brake lever so Roxy can take her right foot off the brake pedal, she pumps the gas pedal a few times before she turns the ignition key, the engine sputters a couple of times trying to turn over before it dies on her. Roxy has to crank and pumps the buses gas pedal for a little over a minute before the engine would start. Now that Roxy has the engine running she releases the emergency brake lever and shifts into reverse gear she backs the bus up and goes back the way they came. Roxy has a little bit of trouble shifting into first gear after coming to a stop.
    Roxy is now in first gear she heads back to HQ she has no trouble shifting gears once she gets going, she’s about to make a right turn into the driveway back at HQ. Roxy has a little bit of trouble shifting into first gear after shifting into first gear Roxy turns right into the driveway at HQ she parks the bus not too far from the garage. As clip two is coming to an end Roxy parks the bus on the driveway not that far from both the wooden deck and the garage.

    What will clip three bring us? Will Roxy drive the bus over to Cassandra’s to shoot some custom videos? She shot at least one custom in the Renault up at Cassandra’s, or will she drive the bus around some of the neighborhood streets? We will have to wait and find out in clip three in final in this three part series. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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