Scarlet Begging the Bug to Crank at Night in Red Cowgirl Boots

Scarlet Begging the Bug to Crank at Night in Red Cowgirl Boots

January 18th, 2018

She’s filming herself trying to start the old 72 VW Super Beetle tonight. She’s ready to go out but her car won’t start. She’s wearing red cowgirl boots over jeans with a red leather jacket and black leather gloves. She’s begging the car to the point of tears and it’s not till the end that the little engine fires up for her.

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  1. Scarlet Cranking The Super-Beetle Cold And Dark Outside Doesn’t Want To Get Stranded / Red Cowgirl Boots / Self Filmed

    It’s cold and dark outside Scarlet is trying to get the bug to start she wants to go out the bug is being a real pain in the neck, hard to tell the last time it had been started and driven. Scarlet is filming this herself she wants to document her troubles getting the bug to start. Scarlet is wearing a red leather jacket, black leather gloves, denim jeans, red leather cowgirl boots.

    The engine isn’t even trying to catch as Scarlet cranks and pumps the bugs gas pedal she pleads with it to start, she comes really close to crying, she doesn’t want to get stranded, she keeps at it. The footwell lights are on as Scarlet uses her smart-phone to film this video, the battery is beginning to get a little weak. After close to eight minutes Scarlet finally gets the bug started she revs the bugs little engine, it looks like Scarlet is going out on a night on the town after all. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Scarlet revs the engine she’s about to shift into first gear. The End.

    Scarlet you did a great cranking video in the bug your feet look sexy in those red cowgirl boots, you did a great job shooting this video. Great Video. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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