Scarlet Cranking the Z28 Yellow Top & Brown Cowgirl Boots, 2 of 2
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Scarlet Cranking the Z28 Yellow Top & Brown Cowgirl Boots, 2 of 2

December 30th, 2021

“Gimmie the keys. I don’t have the keys.” she demands of me while standing on the stairs. I give her the keys and she walks around to the drivers side and gets in. I film her cranking up the old car from the opens drivers door. She gets it started after a few tries, gives it a few revs and backs up.

I head inside thinking she’s leaving but I hear the car stall. I start filming again with her bouncing and cranking in the middle of the driveway. The car conked out and she flooded it. She fights it for a bit before getting it started and backs it up out of the way.

The video cuts to a later time where we’re getting ready to leave in it but she can’t get it started again. Lots of begging, bouncing with her boots pumping away on that gas pedal making the engine sputter, cough and gasp under her boots.

One thought on “Scarlet Cranking the Z28 Yellow Top & Brown Cowgirl Boots, 2 of 2”

  1. Scarlet Cranking The Camaro Z28 ( Trying To Go Run Errands – She Floods The Carburetor – Lots Of Bouncing) Yellow Top & Brown Leather Cowgirl Boots / Clip 2 Of 2 / 1080I MP4 HD

    As we continue from clip one Scarlet is still trying to get the Camaro started she has quite a few false starts she comes close quite a few times to get it started. Shish is still shooting upper and footwell video panning the camera from the top of her head down to her brown leather cowgirl boots, and pointing the camera where he should not be pointing at LoL 😛 😛 😛

    Scarlet lets the Camaro sit for a few minutes before she tries again this time she finds the right pumping method, she gets the engine started and revs it good for the rest of the video. Scarlet shifts into reverse and backs the Camaro a little bit not too much so she can park the Camaro in front of the garage, the errands will have to wait for another day maybe tomorrow.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Scarlet has just parked the Camaro in front of the garage right where this two part series first began. The End. Scarlet you did a great mixed two part series in the Camaro although that wasn’t the original plan, you and Shish took vantage and did a great two part series. Good work all!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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