I finally found a way to force Scarlet to take one of the clunkers to the gym.  It was raining and the tires on her Mustang and Monte Carlo are shot, so the Jeep was her only alternative.  I thought was out the door when I heard her walking back through the house.  I just pretended like I was on the throne and the video picks up where we say ‘Bye’ to each other.  When Scarlet is running behind, she is NOT happy and I had no idea she’d go to town as hard and as long as she did in the Jeep.  I figured she’d give up after a few tries but she tries….and tries….and tries…and gets it running—doh!  it died.  She tries…and tries….and FINALLY leaves the driveway but the Jeep stalls once at the stop sign at the end of the road.  No worries though, it starts back up and she gives it one quick romp of the pedal and then takes off!
**Not in-car cameras**