Scarlet Floods the Chevy Truck to Give You a Show

Scarlet Floods the Chevy Truck to Give You a Show

February 1st, 2007

This is part of a custom video in which I tell you that I’m going to flood out the truck just for you – and then I begin pumping the gas slowly, seductively.  I then proceed to crank it and try my best to get it started.  It looks like I may have flooded it out too much!

2 thoughts on “Scarlet Floods the Chevy Truck to Give You a Show”

  1. I must unfortunately confess that this video in a nearly complete fail. No, it’s not you Scarlet. You’re performance was accurate brilliance. Dressed in nice casual wear with a tight, short skirt. Sexy, sheer nylons. And awesome killer heels. But more importantly, you’re ankle flexing on the gas pedal just highly right.

    Your friend Shish however, I’m greatly disappointed in. As your camera man getting a lot of body shots, from a fair distance, which is nice, but that’s mostly all of what this video produces. You seemed to have no intentions of driving anywhere. It was the most perfect opportune moment to put in alot of different ankles and close-ups of your pedal pumping. Especially in those high heels! Did he not realize that??? Even though the body shot are pretty great but it was only foreplay. I’m sorry but there was no real chemistry in this “show”. 🙁 It severely lacks the essence of Pump the Pedal.

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