Scarlet Cranking Cars in Cowgirl Boots Compilation, 7 of 7

Scarlet Cranking Cars in Cowgirl Boots Compilation, 7 of 7

December 9th, 2017

Scarlet barely gets the Bug cranked before the battery dies in cuffed jeans and orang’ish-brown cowgirl boots.
Scarlet cranking the Jeep in black snip-toe boots but couldn’t get it cranked up. She had to leave, so she took another car.
After filming a custom video, Scarlet needs to start the Monte Carlo up to clear it out and rev it up. She’s dressed in full leather (jacket, skirt, gloves, OTK boots) and it’s a great scene of her struggling with the car. The battery is weak, the car is flooded and she’s trying her best but the battery dies.

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  1. Scarlet Cranking Multiple / Gray Cowgirl Boots w/Strap & Dark Brown & Yellow Cowgirl Boots / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 7 Of 7/ 1080I MP4 HD

    In the final in this seven part series Scarlet is trying to start the bug in brown Cowgirl boots /w orange hue she pleads with the bug a little bit she came close to killing the battery before she gets the engine started, next the jeep she wasn’t as lucky she wasn’t able to get the jeep to start she was wearing black square toed cowgirl boots, she had to take another car. The first two video clips she shot these herself I think with her smart-phone I could be wrong on that.

    Scarlet moves on to the Monte-Carlo she has to shoot a custom video the carburetor is flooded the battery is about as close to dead as your going to get before the battery dies on her altogether. Scarlet is wearing a black leather jacket, black leather skirt, black leather OTK leather boots. Shish is getting a mixture of upper and some really nice footwell video as Scarlet struggles to get the Monte-Carlo to start. Scarlet was only able to crank the Monte-Carlo for not even a minute before the battery dies on her tomorrow is another day, hopefully Scarlet was able to shoot the custom later in the day.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen the battery dies on the Monte-Carlo had the battery had a full charge she might have been able to get it to start. The End. Scarlet you did a great job shooting this seven part compilation. Shish your camera work in the last clip great. Good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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