Scarlet Driving the Volvo Overheating Brakes

Scarlet Driving the Volvo Overheating Brakes

July 8th, 2011

So the brakes on the Volvo were completely redone and we go to do a test drive.  Things were fine until I started smelling hot brake dust.  We were a couple of miles from home and had to turn around so we could get them checked again.  The trip back was slow going because a caliper was sticking and heating up, causing more pressure on that brake rotor and wanting to slow the car down.  Scarlet literally had to keep the pedal floored the last mile or so just to keep the car going at ~20mph.  Once we pulled in, the brakes caught fire.  So yeah, back to the shop.  😉

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  1. Great video, Scarlet is alway Great.Would like to see her cranking in the some outfit. Thanks

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