Scarlet Driving the Coronet in Hose & Wedge Sandals – #585

Scarlet Driving the Coronet in Hose & Wedge Sandals – #585

March 11th, 2018

“Are you ready? Hold on because I’m angry today!” says Scarlet as the video fades in. She fires up the Coronet and floors the gas pedal as she drives around in the old car. She’s wearing a denim jacket, white dress, sheer hose and these black-and-white strappy wedge-heel sandals.

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  1. Scarlet Taking Her Frustrations Out On The Coronet / Sheer Pantyhose & Black & White Strappy Wedge Sandals / Custom # 585

    Scarlet is angry she had this terrible conversation with some people she’s going to take it out on her rust bucket 1974 Dodge Coronet she turns to you telling you about her conversation she had earlier, she starts up the Coronet she drops the gearshift from park into drive she floors the gads pedal going as fast as she can when traffic permits. Scarlet is wearing dark sun glasses, denim jacket, white dress, sheer pantyhose, black & white wedge strappy sandals.

    As Scarlet talks to you she drives the Coronet through the streets getting the engine rpms up the pretty good not to high as she makes left and right turns. Shish is getting a mixture of whole, upper and footwell video. Scarlet bumps the gearshift into neutral now and then and gives the engine a few revs as she talks to you, and she also pulls her white dress up a little bit showing her thighs, she does this a few times, and she stops at traffic lights shifting the gearshift into park revving the engine before shifting back into drive after the traffic light turn green.

    Scarlet drives through the streets like a speed demon. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Scarlet pulled over to the side of the road with the gearshift in park revving the engine good and loud. The End. Scarlet you did a great custom driving video in the Coronet, your feet look sexy in those black & white strappy wedge sandals. Pello I hope you liked this custom as much as I did. Shish your camera work as always great. Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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