Scarlet Drives & Revs the Camaro – #231

Scarlet Drives & Revs the Camaro – #231

April 12th, 2012

In this custom, Scarlet is wearing some sheer pantyhose while she goes for a drive in Shish’s Camaro.  There are NO footwell shots in this video as this custom is focused on her legs and pantyhose.  She slides her skirt up her legs so you can see her thighs move up and down as she works the 3 pedals in the sports car.  She teases you while driving, asking if you like what you see.  She stops in a parking lot for a few minutes to give you a little revving show, where she places her left foot up on the dashboard while her right pumps the gas pedal.  After that little show, she drives back home.

5 thoughts on “Scarlet Drives & Revs the Camaro – #231”

  1. Hi!

    Dear Scarlet!

    Please, make a hard revving and stuck clip in this outfit!!! If you can’t make stuck for ex., because the weather is dry, please, at least make a hard revving clip! The different think, you have tohold down your skirt hided your knees! Passanger, and over the shoulder views are the best!


    Your Fan, Zsolt

  2. scarlet is the best!!!! would love to see same video with some footwell shots over shoulder with and without heels!

  3. Scarlet Drive & Rev The Camaro / Custom # 231

    Scarlet is doing a custom driving and revving video there are no footwell shots in this video shes wearing a pink long sleeve blouse, gray skirt, sheer pantyhose. As the video begins Scarlet starts the Camaro she puts the gear shift in first gear she make a right turn she shifts through the gears, about two minutes into the video Scarlet raises her skirt a little bit showing off her thighs.

    Shish is geting great video hes using one camera it looks like its mounted either on the dashboard or on the passenger side window with a suction cup. Scarlet talks some in this video can’t understand what shes saying because the engine is drowning out what shes saying. Scarlet gets the rpms on the Camaro’s engine up as shes shifting through the gears she doesn’t go that far from the house maybe no more then two miles max.

    Scarlet stops at few red lights before she heads back to the house before she does this she turns into a parking lot just a stones throw from the house. Scarlet stops puts the gear shift in neutral she raises the emergency brake lever she precedes too rev the engine wile shes revving the engine she takes her left shoe off she lifts her left leg and puts it on the steering wheel wile shes revving the engine staring into the camera giving you a flirtatious look talking to you the whole time. Scarlet puts her left shoe back on wile shes revving the engine.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Scarlet has put her left shoe back on. The End.

    Scarlet you did a great driving and revving video who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it I sure did. Shish you camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. hi scarlot you were great thats what ive been trying say the new videos with mandy hana and tinsly and you they turn me on rather than wellies ha ha more models vw campervan vw beetle and bmw 2002 any way 100 percent please keep them coming love all rayxx

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