Scarlet Cranking & Driving the Z28 in Purple Frye OTK Boots

Scarlet Cranking & Driving the Z28 in Purple Frye OTK Boots

November 9th, 2019

She struggles to get the car started in her purple leather boots, leather skirt and button-down blouse. The car finally starts but isn’t running smooth and keeps dying on her. When it is warmed up enough to drive, she gets on the road and starts driving back to the house. It stalls on her at a stop sign and is hard to get started again. She drives aggressively and revs it some while coasting.

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  1. Scarlet Mixed In The Camaro Z28( Driving Home From Cassandra’s- Camaro Being It’s Old Temperamental Self) Black Leather Skirt & Purple Leather Frye Knee High Boots

    The sun is in the early stages of going down time to call it a day up at Cassandra’s Scarlet is wearing dark sun glasses, white blouse w/ dark blue & white stripes with a little bit of purple mixed in, black leather skirt, purple leather knee high boots. Shish is shooting a mixture of upper and footwell video of Scarlet’s sexy size 8.5 right foot as she struggles to get the Camaro to start.

    The engine doesn’t even try to catch for a little over two minutes the engine begins to try to catch as Scarlet tries to find the right pumping method, finally after close to three minutes Scarlet get s the engine started, it dies on her she gets the engine started backup pretty fast. Scarlet gives the engine a few quick small revs she shifts into reverse so she can back out of the parking spot up at Cassandra’s.

    Scarlet slowly goes down the driveway to the dirt road and makes a right turn from the dirt road. Scarlet tries to go as fast as she can when traffic permits, traffic doesn’t seem that heavy, Scarlet bumps the gear shift into neutral a couple times giving the engine a few quick revs. The drive is going without any problems until Scarlet comes to a stop at a stop sign, she’s about to make a right turn when from the stop sign the engine stalls on her.

    Scarlet shifts the gearshift into parks she has to fight the Camaro for a little over a minute she gets the engine started, she gives the engine about one or two very small revs, she didn’t rev the engine long enough to clear out the carburetor of what excess gas that was in it. Scarlet shifts into drive the engine dies on her again.

    As Shish is shooting more upper and footwell video as Scarlet struggles to get the Camaro started backup. It takes Scarlet another minute to get the engine started back up, this time Scarlet revs the engine good to clear out the carburetor of excess gas.

    The house isn’t that far roughly about a minute from where the Camaro stalled at the stop sign. Scarlet shifts into drive trying to go as fast as she can when traffic permits, she gets the engine rpms up there some, before she turns into the driveway back at HQ, the footwell lights are on now as Scarlet turns into the driveway and parks the Camaro.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Scarlet shifts the gearshift into park and shuts the engine off. The Camaro is parked behind the Monte-Carlo it’s parked in front of the garage. The End. Scarlet you did a great mixed video in the Camaro, your feet look sexy in purple leather Frye knee high boots. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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