Scarlet Getting the Monte Unstuck to Run Errands

Scarlet Getting the Monte Unstuck to Run Errands

November 8th, 2015

It’s not super wet outside but that little are stay slick for a while. Scarlet is taking the old Monte Carlo to run some errands and has some difficulty getting it out of the bushes. Lots of stalling, spinning tires, cranking, revving and fast footwork from the gas to the brake in this clip. She does make it out of the spot and gets to run her errands, which results in some parking lot flooded cranking on this nasty, overcast day.

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  1. Scarlet Crank Unstuck & Drive The Monte-Carlo Running Errands / Brown Cowgirl Boots / 720 P MP4 HD

    It’s been rainy on and off the driveway and the ground around the driveway is moist not wet. Scarlet is going to drive the Monte-Carlo on some errands first she has to get it to start it’s humid outside. Scarlet is wearing a pullover short sleeve shirt, denim jeans, brown cowgirl boots. Scarlet gets in she’s filming most of the video inside wile Shish is shooting video from the outside from front of the drivers side around the front to the right fender and back over to the drivers side.

    Scarlet gets in she has to do some cranking and pumping of the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal she gets the engine started pretty fast well fast for the Monte-Carlo it’s parked off the driveway backed up against a tree the problem is Scarlet has to go up a slight incline the rear tires have a hard time getting any traction, the engine keeps dieing on her Scarlet sometimes she can get the engine to start backup other times she has to fight it, she gets the front tires on the driveway, in this video it’s like two steps forward three steps back. The Monte-Carlo keeps rolling back that and the engine keeps dieing on her this really frustrates Scarlet.

    After close to five minutes she finally gets the Monte-Carlo on the driveway she backs up and drives down to the shopping center to run some errands, the camera fades the screen will go black for about three to five seconds when it comes back on Scarlet is filming herself as she fights to get the Monte-Carlo to start . Scarlet uses different pumping methods sometimes she doesn’t pump the gas pedal other times she will pump the gas pedal all the way to the floor and hold it for about a second at a time, someone honks there horn at Scarlet.

    A man almost walks over to Scarlet offering to help her get the Monte-Carlo to start she hadn’t been cranking for barely ten seconds she says no thanks she gets the Monte-Carlo started and is heading back to HQ. Scarlet says” Sometimes people wont let you alone in parking lot” she’s talking into the camera telling us about the man that almost came over to the car to help her get the car started, she tells him “ Dude I got this okay”. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Scarlet is slowly driving through the shopping canter parking lot talking into the camera. The End.

    Scarlet you did a great crank unstuck and drive video in the Monte-Carlo your feet look sexy in brown cowgirl boots, you and Shish did a great job shooting this video. Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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