Ugh, the bottom fell out when leaving one of the places we were running errands at. The windows are fogging up from all the humidity and her car won’t start…great. She’s pumping on the gas pedal in her brown leather boots and gets the car to sputter but it doesn’t quite start up. She keeps pumping, working it till she gets it unflooded and fired up. She clears it out and heads down the street to our next stop. This weather…blegh!
A little browsing in the home goods store and back out to the car. The rain has stopped but it’s dark now. Her car hates the humidity, some thingymabob gets damp and makes the car hard to start. She has to pump it a lot on rainy days but it floods too easily if not careful…oops, too late! She’s having a hard time getting the car fired up in the parking spot but at least it’s well-lit so no one will creep up on her like in those horror movies.
There we go! She gets it going again, clears it out and starts to leave but… no…shit! She stalls it again when pulling onto the street…damn this car!