Scarlet Stuck in the Volvo Reversing Barefoot, 4 of 4

Scarlet Stuck in the Volvo Reversing Barefoot, 4 of 4

April 30th, 2020

Filmed entirely from outside the car, Scarlet is rocking that Volvo good to try and get unstuck. She makes some progress for a short while but never enough to rock the car free. Finally, after a great struggle, she decides to call for help. She gets pulled out and the only last thing remaining is to make it up the rest of the driveway. It’s covered in pine-straw, so it’s going to be slick. She gets a running start and makes it all the way…finally!

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  1. Scarlet Stuck In The Volvo ( Has Been Raining A Lot Really Wet Scarlet Having A Hard Time Getting The Volvo Unstuck- Jane Is Shooting This Video) Barefoot 1080I MP4 HD Clip 4 Of 4

    As we continue from clip three Scarlet is still trying to get the Volvo unstuck Jane is still shooting wide angle video from the passenger side as Scarlet is rocking the Volvo back and forth, the front bumper comes mighty close to touching the chain-link fence quite a few times as she rocks the Volvo back and forth, the rear of the Volvo is still sliding from left to right steam is coming from the right rear tire.

    Scarlet can’t let the Volvo go forward too far or she risks knocking down the chain-link fence. I’m surprised she didn’t knock it down, because the Volvo comes close to hitting it quite a few times, it’s becoming apparent Scarlet is going to need help getting the Volvo unstuck, so one of the neighbors with a Chevy Silverado shows up with firewood in the cargo box, hooking up a chain to the rear bumpers of both the Volvo and the truck, the hook on both the truck and the Volvo came off they had to stop for a few seconds to hook the both of them back up.

    It only takes about a minute to get the Volvo pulled out of it’s rut, now Scarlet can now back out all the way to the street, and drive down the street to HQ, time to shoot some videos. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Scarlet has backed out to the street and drives down to HQ to shoot some videos. The End. Scarlet you did a great four part series trying to get the Volvo unstuck, you didn’t let the Volvo get to you at all you stayed calm through out slowing rocking the Volvo back and forth , you finally get the Volvo unstuck.

    Jane you did a great job shooting this video. Great Video!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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