Star Stranded at the Walking Trail

Star Stranded at the Walking Trail

May 30th, 2007

Star has just finished a walk on a local trail, and she takes a moment to stretch her legs before getting into her Blazer.  She’s ready to get home, get a shower and fix some lunch – but the Blazer doesn’t start.  She tries to start it, holding the gas to the floor while cranking, giving it pumps while cranking – but nothing’s working.  Her feet get hot, so she takes her sneakers off and keeps trying in her knee-high socks.

2 thoughts on “Star Stranded at the Walking Trail”

  1. Theres nothing hotter than a woman wearing grey new balance 574 sneakers.I would love to see her wear these driving a stick shift car.

  2. Not my favorite sneakers, but sneakers nevertheless. I like the scenario and her battle with the wonderful Volvo.

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