Star Struggling Cold Start of the Jeep & Driving in Boots

Star Struggling Cold Start of the Jeep & Driving in Boots

May 4th, 2020

Gotta love cold days with old raggedy vehicles! Star has to earn getting the Jeep to start for her. She revs it for a short bit to see if it’s warmed up enough to drive and then pulls out of the driveway and onto the roads. It’s a cold, winters morning and she has her little beanie on with a brown leather jacket zipped up, jeans and brown knee high boots. She squeezes open the throttle by stretching out her feet almost to the point of standing on her tippy-toes because she’s so short.

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  1. Star Mixed In The Jeep Wagoneer ( Early And Cold In The Morning- Having A Hard Time Cold Starting The Jeep / Brown Lace-Up Thigh High Leather Boots / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s really cold outside it’s early in the morning time to drive the jeep down to Cassandra’s to shoot some videos. Start is bundled up trying to keep warm she’s wearing a brown netted cap, two tone brown scarf w/ black strips, brown leather coat, denim jeans, brown lace-up thigh high leather boots.

    Star adjusts the rear view mirror and buckles her seat-belt before she tries to start the engine, one of the mistakes she made was she didn’t prime the carburetor by giving the gas pedal a few pumps, had she done that she might have gotten the engine started sooner. Star uses a mixture of pumping the gas pedal and holding it all the way to the floor, it takes her a little over two minutes to get the engine started, she revs the engine for close to a minute to warm it up and to clear out what excess gas the carburetor might have from all the pumping the gas pedal she did.

    I don’t think the carburetor was flooded at all judging by how the engine sounds smooth so it doesn’t appear to be flooded. Star shifts the gearshift from park to drive she goes at the end of the driveway and makes a right turn from the driveway and a right turn from the stop sign. Star floors the gas pedal trying to go as fast as she can when traffic permits, that and the jeeps engine is still cold so it’s not a full operating temperature, the fastest she’s going at any given time is 35 MPH maybe no more than 40 MPH max.

    Shish is shooting a mixture of whole body video as Star gets in the jeep, and upper and footwell video of Star’s sexy size 6 right foot as she works the gas pedal as she cranks and pumps the jeeps gas pedal and also as she floors it trying to go as fast as she can. The drive is almost over now as Star makes a left turn down the dirt road to Casandra’s driveway she parks the jeep not to far away from a tool shed.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Star shifts the gearshift into park and shuts the engine off. The End. Star you did a great mixed video in the jeep, you didn’t let the jeep get to you when the jeep didn’t start up right away. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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