Star 2-Footing Cars in Sneakers

Star 2-Footing Cars in Sneakers

March 20th, 2014

She can’t get the Jeep started to take to work, so she has to drive the Monte Carlo.  The Monte is acting odd today and she is going to have to 2-foot it to keep it from stalling.  She’s never 2-footed a car before, so I have to guide her as we drive along.  She catches on after a rough start.

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  1. Star Mixed Multiple Green Surgical Scrubs / Blue Sneakers / 1080I MP4 HD

    Star is going to drive the Jeep wagoneer to where she works at the doctors office shes wearing green surgical scrubs, blue Nike Sneakers /w red ankle socks, she walks from the house past the Monte-Carlo too the Jeep she gets in she adjusts the drives seat by moving it up a bit. Star puts the keys in the ignition the engine doesn’t start up right away she has to do some cranking and pumping it takes her a little over a minute to get the engine to start, after revving the engine for close to a minute she changes her mind and decides to drive the Monte-Carlo instead.

    Shish is getting a mixture of whole body video as Star walks over to the Jeep and a mixture of upper body and footwell video when she gets in the Monte-Carlo. Star has no problem getting the Monte-Carlo to start up it fires right up that has to be a first for a cold start in the Monte-Carlo, Star revs the Monte-Carlo’s engine to warm it up, the problem is when she puts the gearshift in drive if she let off the gas pedal even a little bit the engine dies. Star has no problem getting the engine too start backup it takes her close to three minutes to get to the end of the driveway because the engine will not idle when she lets off the gas pedal, this frustrates Start to no end.

    Star finally gets to the stop sign to make a right turn when the engine dies on her again, she restarts the engine she revs it for a little bit to warm it up, that didn’t do any good. Shish tells Star to do a two foot she misunderstands what Shish said she puts both feet on the gas pedal and revs the engine a little bit. Star laughs a little bit. Shish explains to Star how to do a two foot he tells her to put her left foot on the brake pedal her right foot on the gas pedal too keep the engine rpms up just enough to keep the engine running, the engine is still running from the last stall, now that Star knows how to two foot she makes the right turn she’s heading to the doctors office. Star parks the Monte-Carlo in the parking lot at the doctors office, the drive to the doctors office goes with out a hitch. Star shuts the engine off she about to get out of the Monte-Carlo to go into the doctors office.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Star picks up her purse and her water bottle she’s about to open the drivers door to get out. The End.

    Star you did a great mixed video in both the jeep and the Monte-Carlo your feet look sexy in those blue sneakers, you learned how to do a two foot really fast. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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