Sugar Momma Driving the Volvo Barefoot

Sugar Momma Driving the Volvo Barefoot

May 24th, 2013

Let’s get some station wagon driving with Sugar Momma today!  She’s sporting her aviator sunglasses, a short skirt and no shoes at all on her feet.  She works the pedals flawlessly (mostly) as she drives us back to the house from Cassandra’s.

3 thoughts on “Sugar Momma Driving the Volvo Barefoot”

  1. Great video. I love Sugar Momma and I love women driving barefoot. PTP does it again! Keep it up.

  2. Sugar-Momma Driving The Volvo / Barefoot/ 1080i MP4 HD

    Sugarmomma is going to drive the Volvo back to the house from the top secret PTP site back to the house, she’s wearing a blue top, sun glasses,brown sweater, blue mini dress, barefoot. Scarlet is shooting this video she’s getting a mixture of upper body and footwell shots.

    It takes Sugarmomma close to 45 seconds to get the Volvo to start she’s gently pumping the gas pedal she doesn’t use the choke at all, now that Sugarmoma has the Volvo running she puts the gearshift in reverse she backs the Volvo out of its parking spot, she then puts the gearshift in first gear and slowly goes down the driveway she makes a right turn she shifts all the way into fourth gear.

    Sugarmomma doesn’t get too far down the road when she comes to a stop sign as she shifts into first gear the engine stalls on her. Sugarmomma tries to restart the engine she grinds the starter one time, she stops cranking and pumping the gas pedal and puts the gearshift in neutral, as she is cranking the Volvo she’s gently pumping the gas pedal it takes her about 30 seconds to get the Volvo started backup.

    The thing that amazes me Sugarmomma must have an old car with a carburetor that gives her trouble when she tries to start it, she didn’t let the Volvo get to her at all she stayed calm and cool, she gets the Volvo started backup and she shifts through all the gears the fastest she goes is about 40 MPH.

    The Camera fades at around the 9 min:54 second mark when it comes back on Sugarmomma starts the Volvo backup and there on there way to the house, its a short drive to the house.Sugarmomma might have filled the tank up with gas, now that there at the house.Sugarmomma turns the Volvo down the driveway it looks like she going to park besides the wooden deck.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Sugarmomma has turned into the driveway she slowly going towards the wooden deck. The End.

    Sugarmomma your size 8 feet look really sexy this will go down as one of the best barefoot driving videos in the Volvo. Scarlet your camera work great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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