Sydney Spectra Takes Anabelle & Cassandra on a Ride, 1 of 2

Sydney Spectra Takes Anabelle & Cassandra on a Ride, 1 of 2

October 26th, 2016

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The girls pile into the Camaro with Sydney getting behind the wheel. It’s been ages since she’s had car trouble but she’s never had any like she’s about to experience in the old Camaro. It takes almost this entire clip to get the Camaro going but when she does get it running, she can’t hide that big smile!!

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  1. New Model: Sydney Spectra Taking Anabelle & Cassandra For A Ride In The Camaro ( That Is If She Can Get It Started / Red Leather Thigh High Boots / 720 P MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 2

    PTP has a new model her name is Sydney Spectra she’s going to take Anabelle and Cassandra for a ride. Shish is is going to follow them in the jeep, now that’s all Sydney has to do is get the Camaro to start. Sydney is wearing a red coat, blue dress, red thigh high leather boots. Sydney has a hard time getting the Z28 to start. Cassandra is giving her pointers on how to pump the gas pedal giving the engine the right amount of gas to get it to start. Sydney is having a little bit of trouble finding the right way to pump the gas pedal, she wears a size 11 shoe when her sexy right foot is over the gas pedal it dwarfs the gas pedal to where you can’t see any part of the gas pedal when she’s pumping it.

    Cassandra is in the front passenger seat. Shish has a camera mounted near the rear window getting a whole body shot from from the right side of Sydney’s head down her her size 11 right foot as she pumps the gas pedal. Anabelle is sitting in the right rear seat. It takes Sydney a little over three minutes to get the engine started, she doesn’t warm it up any when she backs the Camaro it’s parked in front of the garage. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Sydney is backing the Camaro from the garage. Shish backs the jeep up to give Sydney room so she can get on the driveway.

    What will clip two in this two part series bring us? Will the Camaro stall on Sydney before getting on the road? Sydney didn’t warm the engine up at all? If the Camaro behaves itself where will Sydney drive Cassandra and Anabelle too? Maybe Cassandra’s? Will will have to wait and find out in part two in this two part series. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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