Tiffany Late for Tennis Match – #75

Tiffany Late for Tennis Match – #75

August 29th, 2009

Tiffany has on her cute, all-white tennis outfit as she sits on the porch and puts on her shoes.  She then goes to the Volvo to head to her afternoon tennis match.  Watch her struggle with the Volvo, as always, with lots of aggressive pedal pumping, stomping and frustration!

3 thoughts on “Tiffany Late for Tennis Match – #75”

  1. Not my favorite sneakers, but one of my favorite videos. I think beautiful girls in tennis outfits are really fine. She battles with this car in a manner that I can only describe as perfect. Tiffany is lovely in this video. Great story and I just think that the Volvo is one of the finest cranking cars that there is.

  2. Tiffany has me spoiled I love her aggressive pumping Style when she tries to get mellow well bummer man. Get back in there champ make that pedal fear you ha ha

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