Tiffany Going to See Lover

Tiffany Going to See Lover

May 24th, 2009

Tiffany is being a bad, bad girl!  The video picks up with her leaving the house just after her husband’s left for work.  She’s on the phone with her secret lover – who requests that she show up with no panties on.  So, she reaches under her dress and takes off her panties.  She hangs up, gets into the Volvo – throwing the panties on the dashboard – and tries to start up the car.  She cranks and cranks and cranks . . . and she realizes at some point she didn’t take off her wedding ring.  She slips it off and places it on top of the panties on the dashboard before she starts cranking the Volvo again.  She gets frustrated and starts pumping the hell out of the gas pedal around the 4:11 mark.  She’s getting rather frustrated and doesn’t want to cancel her secret getaway

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