Tiffany Filming Herself Cranking the Volvo

Tiffany Filming Herself Cranking the Volvo

October 13th, 2010

It’s the coldest day of the year and Tiffany is trying to get the Volvo started.  She films herself as she pumps the gas pedal and genuinely tries to get the Volvo fired up but itsn’t have much luck.  She eventually gives up and heads back inside to warm up.

2 thoughts on “Tiffany Filming Herself Cranking the Volvo”

  1. God Tiffany you know how to crank and pump.they should give awards for this would have my in all categories

  2. It’s a magnificient fight. Tiffany is touching and very convincing, wagging a battle against the Volvo which categorically refuses to start. And she doesn’t forget a kiss to the camera … Great ! Thanks to her …

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