Tiffany Cranking VW Bus – #238

Tiffany Cranking VW Bus – #238

April 21st, 2012

It’s raining and Tiffany has to take the Bus today.  She steps out on the porch, slides her feet into a brown pair of Swedish clogs and heads to the Bus.  She gets in and knows it’s going to take a bit to get it started.  She pumps the big, floor mounted gas pedal firmly and turns the key….nothing, just cranking and cranking and cranking.  She repeats the process for the full video and apart from a few sputters and a time or two where it runs for a second, she doesn’t get much out of it.

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  1. Tiffany Cranking The VW Bus IN The Rain / Brown Swedish Clogs / Custom # 238

    Its raining outside Tiffany has to go into town shes going too drive her white VW bus that is if she can get it too start. Tiffany walks out the front porch shes barefoot she puts on her brown Swedish clogs she picks up her umbrella she opens it and walks out too the bus she gets in with the drivers door open Tiffany has a little trouble getting the keys in the ignition it takes her a few seconds to get the key once she does this she turns the key the engine wont start it wont even sputter or tease her.

    Tiffany is wearing a red and white striped shirt, denim skirt, brown Swedish clogs. Now Tiffany is cranking and pumping the gas pedal on the bus with it raining outside the rain seems to muffle the audio a little bit the only part of the audio its a affecting is the starter about half way through its a little bit difficult hearing the starter from time to time . As Tiffany is cranking and pumping the buses gas pedal in those brown Swedish clogs her feet look really sexy in them.

    When Tiffany began cranking the bus she would plead with it too start once in the beginning and again about half way through. Shish is getting great video from the outside with it raining with the drivers door open getting whole body shots a little later he gets in the bus getting whole body and some really great footwell shots a couple of times Tiffany pumps the gas pedal rapidly really fast trying to get the bus to start that doesn’t work.

    With all that cranking and pumping Tiffany pleads with the bus one more time to start, after a wile it becomes apparent shes not going into town after all, a couple of times Tiffany holds the gas pedal all the way down too the floor trying to clear out the carburetor that does no good . Tiffany has enough of the bus for the day she says “forget it!!” shes had it shes stopped cranking the bus she picks up her umbrella.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Tiffany points her umbrella outside so she can open it. The End. Tiffany you did a great cranking video in the bus who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it I sure did.Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 P.S hope none of you got a could when you shot this video. 😀

  2. This video is very very beautiful. It’s a good work all. Why do you make a video cranking wearing white nurse clogs?

  3. I loved the clogs, long one of my favorite pair of shoes and harkening back to an era, (1970’s) when a lot of coeds dating back to my college days all had at least one pair.

    Judging by the fact that Tiffany several times wiped water off of her left leg when the camera was held by Shish and filming from outside the driver’s door it appeared that she got a little wet due to the moderate rain falling on her.

    Tiffany was not shy at all rapidly pumping the gas pedal out of frustration at her failure at getting the old VW Bus started. I would have loved to have seen Tiffany slip her feet, (toenails painted a shade of light red and noticeable in the beginning when she slipped into the clogs) in and out of her shoes playfully in a teasing fashion.

    As she is still active with PTP, I would love to see Tiffany, (although she has filmed a vid in the Bug previously) do a cranking and if she is able to start the car a driving vid in the Bug wearing those same pair of Swedish clogs, short skirt, blouse and bare legs. As Tiffany appeared that she really did want to go out somewhere in the inclement weather, I would normally have suggested that she immediately hop into the Bug. Only as those classic VW Bugs are notoriously famous for having starting problems in rainy weather with the electrical components in the engine easily getting damp because of the moisture, in all likelihood Tiffany probably would not have gotten the Bug started either on that very wet day. Just as what happened in this vid as she repeatedly cranked and showed a whole lot of pedal pumping, in all likelihood Tiffany only would have ended up flooding the carb in the Bug as well. Still it would be great to see – especially using pic-in-pic with the second camera placed on the floorboard right next to the gas pedal.

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