Tinsley Cranking the Bug Late for Work – #125

Tinsley Cranking the Bug Late for Work – #125

July 3rd, 2010

Tinsley is late for work…again.  Sometimes she is late through no fault of her own.  Today is one of those days.  Her vintage Bug isn’t wanting to crank as she pumps and pumps mainly in her pantyhose clad feet.  She does manage to get it started but it dies before she is able to force the car into gear.  So begins the pumping and cranking…again.  She breaks her gas pedal and has to call work to tell them she won’t make it in.

One thought on “Tinsley Cranking the Bug Late for Work – #125”

  1. As noted in other comments that I posted the VW Bug has always been my personal favorite cranking car. Tinsley dressed in a very sexy outfit for work makes it even more arousing to watch as she decides to take off her high-heeled shoes and work the pedals in her nylon clad bare feet. Tinsley is not shy either when it comes to pumping the gas pedal, believing that giving it more gas per cranking attempts might get the cafr started. Tinsley did manage to get the Bug started just past the midway point in the vid. However the often temperamental car kept stalling out on her. This made it necessary for Tinsley into having to re-start it a number of times which at first she is successful. Finally, as the Bug still is quite flooded Tinsley in one attempt cannot re-start the Bug. Looks as if Tinsley either will have to call a friend, (Mandie) in order to get a ride into work, or else take a sick day. The VW Bug seemed under the weather itself refusing to stay running for Tinsley, and in the end simply refusing to start up.

    Great job by Tinsley in this vid. One thing that I’ve noted in watching Tinsley’s vids, especially when she has her hair in a blondish color. Tiffany facially has a striking resemblance to ESPN’s very popular Wendy Nix. The two beautiful women could be sisters, (I wouldn’t say twins as Wendy is now approaching her late 30’s, while Tinsley still is in her 20’s).

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