Tinsley Cranking the Coronet in Flip Flops – #150

Tinsley Cranking the Coronet in Flip Flops – #150

July 2nd, 2016

You’re going to ride to work with Tinsley in her moms old Coronet because Tinsley’s car is in the shop. Her mom told Tinsley that she has to pump it to get it started, so she’s pumping it some before trying to start it. After a few tries it starts up but then conks out. She tries starting it up again, making sure to pump the gas like her mom said. She keeps telling you that she has to pump it, I mean, her momma said so and her momma can’t be wrong about her own car, right? After some more failed attempts, she finally says that you might be right about giving it too much gas…how embarrassing!

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  1. Tinsley Cranking Mom’s Coronet Her Car Is In The Shop / Black Flip Flops / Custom#150

    Tinsley’s car is in the shop she has to drive her mom’s rust bucket green 1974 Dodge Coronet, you her friend are sitting in the passenger seat as she gets in. Tinsley asks you how your doing as she gives the gas pedal a few pumps, her mom tells her she has too pump the gas pedal quite a bit to get the engine started. Tinsley turns the ignition key the engine doesn’t start the first couple of tries, about the third or fourth try the engine turns over. Tinsley revs the engine a little bit before it dies , she tries cranking and pumping the gas pedal the engine sputters quite a bit.

    After close to two or three minutes cranking and pumping the Coronet’s gas pedal it looks like Tinsley flooded the carburetor, as she pumps the gas pedal. Tinsley tells you her mom tells her to pump the gas pedal. Tinsley asks you want she should do you suggest she hold the gas pedal all the way to the floor. Tinsley is wearing dark sun glasses, plum short sleeve pullover shirt, tri colored dress, black flip flops, on her sexy size 8.5 feet. The battery is getting weak with each turn of the ignition key. Tinsley notices you looking at her feet she wiggles her toes she has a big grin on her face as she shows her feet off to you.

    Tinsley goes back to cranking and pumping the Coronet’s gas pedal as the battery gets weaker and weaker with each turn of the ignition key. Shish is getting a mixture of upper and some really nice closeups of Tinsley’s sexy feet as she pumps the gas pedal, after close to ten minutes trying to get the Coronet to start. Tinsley tells you how sorry she is. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Tinsley asks you if hey can take your car she also says” this is not a good day” The End. Tinsley you did a great custom cranking video in the Coronet your feet look sexy in those black flip flops, who ever ordered this custom. I hope you liked it as much as I did.

    About the only bad thing about the video is the sound dropped a little bit for a few seconds it’s still a great video.

    Shish your camera work as always great Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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