Tinsley Rainy Day Driving the Monte Carlo in Pantyhose

Tinsley Rainy Day Driving the Monte Carlo in Pantyhose

June 7th, 2018

She gets in the car and it takes a few tries to get going while she’s pumping the gas with her tan boots on. She leaves the parking lot and slides her boots while she’s on the road so she can drive with just her pantyhose covered feet. Her white-tip toenails can easily be seen through her sheer tan nylons.

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  1. Tinsley Driving The Monte-Carlo( Raining On And Off All Day) Pantyhose & Tan Thigh High Leather Boots & Barefoot / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s been raining on and off during the day and it’s a little bit cool outside as Tinsley gets in the Monte-Carlo, there are U-Haul moving trucks around as she struggles to get the Monte-Carlo started, she has to do some cranking and pumping of the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal. It takes her three or four tries to get the engine started, now that the engine is running Tinsley has a little bit of trouble shifting into reverse. It takes Tinsley a couple of tries before she was able to shift into reverse.

    Tinsley shifts into reverse and backs up a little bit before she shifts into drive. Tinsley is wearing a black leather jacket, red v-neck pullover top, black mini dress, pantyhose,tan leather thigh high boots, barefoot. Shish is shooting a mixture of whole body video as she gets in and upper and some really great closeups of her sexy size 8.5 feet in her tan thigh high leather boots, after driving for not even a minute Tinsley takes her tan thigh high leather boots off her feet, her feet were getting overheated from all that pumping of the gas pedal she did.

    Tinsley is driving back to HQ it’s not that far from the U-Haul parking lot maybe a mile at the most, she tries to gun the engine a little bit not to much when she can trying to go not to fast, she stops at a traffic light and rubs her right foot with her left foot so her feet were probably getting hot and sweaty in those tan thigh high leather boots, traffic seems a little bit heavy from time to time before she makes a left turn into the driveway at HQ and parks the Monte-Carlo in front of the garage.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Tinsley parks the Monte-Carlo in front of the garage and shuts the engine off. The End. Tinsley you did a great crank and drive video in the Monte-Carlo your feet look sexy in tan leather thigh high boots and pantyhose clad feet. Shish your camera work as always great. Good work all!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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