Tinsley Running an Errand in the 77 Camaro, 2 of 2

Tinsley Running an Errand in the 77 Camaro, 2 of 2

July 4th, 2013

Tinsley is done inside but couldn’t get what she came for.  She’s about to leave but her Camaro has other plans…it doesn’t want to start!  She keeps trying it, trying not to draw too much attention to herself in the parking lot.  It takes a while to get the damn thing running, thankfully so, she didn’t want to have to call her boss or coworkers to come get her.  She clears the car out and heads back to the office.

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  1. Tinsley Crank & Drive The Z28 / Black Strappy Sandals / 1080i MP4 HD Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue from clip one Tinsley has just come out of the store, they didn’t have what she was looking for, she puts the key in the ignition, she dreads that she’s going too have to fight the Camaro to get it to start. Booth windows are rolled down, she rolls up the window on the drivers side.

    Tinsley puts the key in the ignition she turns it shes cranking and pumping. Shish is getting video from the passenger side window, he’s mostly inside the Monte-Carlo for most of the video, he gets out and gets video from the front of the Camaro through the windshield on the drivers side, he also gets a little bit of video of the rear of the Camaro as she tries to get it to start. Shish also walks over to the drivers side. Tinsley rolls down the drivers window.

    The cameras switch around quite a bit, as Tinsley is pumping the gas pedal as shes pumping the gas pedal shes getting a little frustrated with the Camaro at one point she pumps the gas pedal so fast and hard it slips off the gas pedal. Although Tinsley is struggling to get the Z28 to start she keeps at it, the engine sputters on this hot day. Tinsley’s feet must be like a swamp by now with all that pumping of the gas pedal.

    It takes Tinsley close to five minutes to get the engine to start she revs the engine a little bit, not enough to keep the engine running it stalls. Tinsley has to go back a do a little cranking and pumping she gets the engine started she revs it really good to make sure it will stay running, she puts the gearshift in drive she goes through the shopping center parking lot she makes a right turn she comes to a red light.

    This makes her a little bit nervous shes afraid the engine might stall on her it doesn’t, the light turns green and she drives back to the house with no problem. Tinsley turns into the driveway back at the house she parks the Camaro in it’s parking spot.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Tinsley parks the Camaro and puts the gearshift in park she shuts off the engine. The End.

    Tinsley you did a great two part crank and drive series in the Camaro Z28, for those of you who like strappy sandals with pantyhose your going to like this two part series. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. 1 of my favorite videos that you’ve done.. Love the realism, the model, the pantyhose, everything.. Well-done

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