Tinsley ‘Urban Cowgirl’ Cranks, Drives & Stalls, 2 of 2

Tinsley ‘Urban Cowgirl’ Cranks, Drives & Stalls, 2 of 2

December 19th, 2014

It’s so easy on the eyes to watch the gorgeous Tinsley drive that old Camaro!  Those tight pants, that low-cut top and her hot little cowgirl boots working the pedals!  Things are going good until she’s coming to a stop sign and you can hear the engine of the Camaro surging as she’s slowing down and then it conks out.  She tries for quite a while to get it restarted and it almost got to the point where we were going to have to call for help but fortunately, she got it to start again.  We head straight back for the house.

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  1. Tinsley Crank Stall & Drive The Coronet & The Z28 / Blue Cowgirl Boots / 720P WMV HD / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue from clip one Tinsley is still driving around some of the neighborhood streets making left and right turns, the drive is uneventful until Tinsley turns in to a culdesac she turns the Z28 around to go back the way she came. Tinsley comes up to a stop sign the engine sputters and stalls on her, this seems to have caught Tinsley off guard a little bit she waited a couple of seconds before she put the gearshift in park. Now Tinsley is fighting the Z28 by cranking and pumping the gas pedal, the engine sputters quite a bit she even gets it running when she would either rev the engine or after getting the engine started and give it a couple of revs before putting the gearshift in drive the engine would die on her .

    In all it takes Tinsley close to five minutes to get the engine started backup and running, wile Tinsley was cranking away at the Z28. Shish points the camera at the windshield pans left and right to see if any cars are coming, its a good thing no cars were behind them at the time that might have been problematic if someone would try to either back out of there driveway or try to turn into there driveway, it’s good thing that didn’t happen. Tinsley has the engine running she makes a right turn, she goes down the street aways she has to stop there’s a school bus dropping off some kids, after the bus drops off the kids. Tinsley continues on her way back to HQ it’s only a couple of minutes away.

    Tinsley turns into the driveway back at the house she parks the Z28 into the driveway. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Tinsley parks the Z28 and shuts the engine off. The End.

    Tinsley you did a great mixed two part series in the Z28, you made the same mistake that Gem made in the Z28 when you turned around in a culdesac, the Z28 did the same thing. Gem managed to pull over to the side of the road when the engine died on her. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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