Vanna Stalled at the Bank

Vanna Stalled at the Bank

September 4th, 2011

Vanna is dressed up to go out with her boyfriend tonight but she’s stranded at the bank.  She stopped to get money and now her car won’t start.  She’s irritated that he’s not answering his phone when she really needs him.  Her mood to go out and party has now passed, so she calls up her boyfriend and tells him she’s going home and continues to try and get the car started.  She finally has to give up because it’s not going to crank.

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  1. Vanna Cranking The VW Super-Beetle At The Bank / Black Stiletto Boots

    Its dark outside Vanna is waiting at the bank parking lot for her boyfriend she calls him on her cellphone to ask him where hes at.Vanna is wearing a black dress, black leather gloves, pearl bracelet on her left wrist, black stiletto boots. Vanna gives her boyfriend 10 minutes if hes not there by then shes going to leave. Shish is using three cameras ones mounted in the back getting whole body shots the other is under the passenger seat getting footwell shots as Vanna is pumping the gas pedal the other is handheld Shish is getting video from different angles from the passenger side the rear of the bug and the drivers side as Vanna is cranking the bug.

    Vanna has waited 10 minutes for her boyfriend to come see her in her black dress and black leather gloves shes not going to wait any longer with her left boot she presses down on the clutch she turns the key to the ignition the engine wont start she doesn’t pump the gas pedal at first when she turns the ignition key the third time she pumps the gas pedal the bug still wont start. Vanna calls her boyfriend on her cellphone two more times each time the call goes right to voice-mail Vanna is starting to get scared she keeps cranking and pumping hoping she can get the engine to turn over it doesn’t, nobody offers to come help her there’s cars going by all the time they don’t even stop to see whats going on.

    As Vanna continues too crank and pump she cusses in frustration pleading with the bug to start it does no good , the engine sputters at least one time it still wont start it looks like Vanna may have flooded the engine, she keeps cranking and pumping, after doing all that cranking and pumping Vanna has had enough of the bug for one night she stops cranking she opens the door she gets out she is walking home.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Vanna is walking away from the bug the end.
    Vanna you did a great cranking clip for those of you who like black stiletto boots your going to like this clip. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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