Vanna Cranking the Bug in Boots, Hose & Gloves

Vanna Cranking the Bug in Boots, Hose & Gloves

September 14th, 2012

This is another night time filmed clip of the cute and sweet Vanna.  It’s cold out and she’s got a leather jacket on, short skirt, sheer hose and some sexy white boots on as she tries getting the old VW Bug to crank.  She teases you a bit as you watch from over her shoulder, through the windshield and a footwell shot (slightly misaligned..sorry!).

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  1. Vanna Cranking The Super-Beetle At Night/ White Leather Boots/ Really Cold Outside

    Its dark outside and cold Vanna is going to see if she can get the bug to start. Shes wearing a white mini skirt, black leather gloves, black leather coat, white leather boots. As the video begins Shish has a camera on a tripod getting a whole body shot from over Vanna’s shoulder the drivers door is open, from time to time Vanna turns to look at the camera she flirts you as shes trying to get the bug to start.

    Shish is using three cameras ones on a tripod getting a whole body shot from over Vanna’s left shoulder, the other is in front of the bug getting an upper body shot from the windshield you can see the cameras reflection in the windshield, the other one on a tripod close to the ground getting only footwell well shots.

    Vanna cranks and pumps the bug for close too 25:00 minutes. She gets the engine to sputter quite a few times. I wouldn’t be surprised if she flooded the carburetor, from time to time through out the video as Vanna flirts with you she takes her gloves off she puts them back on and takes them off she does this at least three times in the video.

    If you look closely you see Shish walk in front of the bug at least two times as Vanna cranks and pumps the bug. Vanna talks to her self some pleading with the bug to start, it does no good. The engine sputters Vanna almost had the bug running the engine died on her with all that cranking the battery couldn’t take it anymore and died. Vanna turns the ignition key about three or four more times nothing the battery is dead as a doornail.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen the battery is dead. Vanna turns the ignition at least three or four times. She gives up and with the camera getting footwell shots she swings her legs out of the bug she gets out. The End.

    Vanna you did a great cranking video for those of you who like white leather boots and black leather gloves your going to like these boots and gloves Vanna had on her feet looked sexy in them. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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